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Best Dot Net Training Institutes in Marathahalli Bangalore


We focus on sustaining the job once trainee gets the desired job not only on getting the job, we teach any complex topic with easily understandable way by using real world examples and by using real time projects.

Why you should learn .net from weguidetechnologies

Trainer is having more than 17yrs of experience and so trainee gets so much real time exposure, so it becomes useful in interview process and to sustain in job, which no other institute takes care of these days(sustain in job).

Training process:

1. Teaching .net course with real time examples- duration 3 months

2. Work on real time projects(optional)

3. Interview preparation, here we conduct exams, take mock interviews, personal care would be taken here(optional)

4. Will assist till trainee gets job by rectifying issues faced by trainee in the interviews(optional)

(Note: charges would be applicable accordingly)

OOPS in C#

• Classes & Objects

• Properties

• Constructors

    o Types of Constructors

• Encapsulation

• Polymorphism

   o Method OverLoading

   o Method OverRiding

• Inheritance

   o Types of Inheritance

• Base & this keywords

• Interface

• AccessSpecifiers

• Abstraction

• Abstract Class & Abstract Methods

• Sealed Class & Sealed Methods

• Method Hiding

• Exception Handling

   o multiple catch blocks

  o Finally block

• Delegates

• Lambda expression

• Collections

    o generic and non generic

  o Array list,list ,dictionary, hashtable



• Introduction to ADO.NET

• SQL connection

• Sql command

• DataSet

• DataReader

• Execute Scalar vs Execute NonQuery



• Introduction to

• Creating Web Application

• StateManagement in

• what is statemanagement

• ViewState

• session

• Cookies

• Page LifeCycle



• Introduction to MVC

• MVC architectural Pattern

• Creating MVC application

• MVC file and folder structure

• Controllers

• Models

• Views

• Design View using Html Helpers

   o Passing Data to Views using model(strongly typed),ViewBag,ViewData

  o Passing Data from Controller to Controller using TempData

• DataAnnotations

• Partial View

• Routing

    o Conventional Routing

   o Attribute Routing

• MVC Request LifeCycle

• UnderStanding Action Results

    o View result

   o empty result

   o Redirect result

  o json result

  o javascript result

  o Content result

  o File content result

 o FilePath result

  o File Stream result

• Action Filters

• Bundling like script bundle,style bundling

• Area


Entity FrameWork

• Introduction to EntityFramework

• What is code first approach

• what is Database first approach

• How to install Entity Framework

• Create Entities

• Querying in EntityFramework Core using Linq

• Update ,insert,delete Data


.Net Core

• Advantages of .net core

• .net core vs .core framework

• .net architecture Overview o program.cs o appsettings.json

• Dependency Injection

• Middleware

   o what is middleware

   o how to create custom middleware



• Introduction to api

• Principles of Restful Api

• Routing

• Swagger/open api

• How to format response data

• How to handle errors

• How to test api o Postman and swagger

• How to deploy api



• What is Server? and What is DataBase?

• Why we need DataBase?

• Installing sql management studio

• Connecting to Sql server using sql server management studio

• Creating DataBase

• Normalization

• DDL Statements like create,alter,drop,truncate

• DML statements like insert ,update,delete

• DQL Select

• Constrains like Primary key,Foriegn key,not null,default

• Indexes

• Clustered & nonclustered indexes

• select with where

• select with group by and having and with case statement and order by

• Operators Like and ,or,in,between,like and logical operators

• Joins o Inner,left,right,out,cross,self

• Union ,Union all

• intersect ,except

• SubQueries

   o Exist ,not in

• Stored Procedures

   o input ,output parameters

   o return

   o exception handling

   o Transactions

• Functions

   o scalar valued function

   o table valued function

   o built in functions like datetime() functions,string manipulation function and concatenation

• Views

• triggers

ASP .net

.Net FrameWork

• Introduction to .Net Framework

• What is .Net?

• Why do we require Framework/IDE

• Installing Visual Studio

• Framework Architecture & Components




• Program execution Process

• How to create first Console application



• Introduction to C# Programming Language

• Basic Structure of C#Program

• DataTypes & Variables&Operators

• String in C#

• String vs String Builder

• var vs dynamic

• TypeCasting

• Control Flow statements(if,if-else,nested if,nested if-else)

• SwitchCase

• Loops

   o While Loop

   o DoWhileLoop

   o For Loop

   o For each Loop

• Break, Continue, Goto Statements

• Functions o Built in o UserDefined

• Arrays

• ArrayList

• Call by Value & Call by Reference

• Static Keyword in c#

   o static vs non-static members

• Constant and ReadOnly

• ref & out keyword

• Optional Parameters

• Anonymos Methods

• Lambda Expressions

• garbage collection

• Stack & Heap

• Boxing & Unboxing

• managed & unmanaged code

• Enums


web API