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Best Python+Selenium Training Institute Marathahalli | Best Python+Selenium Training Bangalore

WeGuideTechnologies provides Angular training in Bangalore. We Train students from basic to advanced techniques. Training given by Industry experts in our Python + Selenium Training in Marathalli Bangalore. We offer professional Best Python + Selenium Training in Bangalore with 12+ Years Experienced Expert Level Professionals.
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Python+Selenium Training Institute Marathahalli - Basic

  • Introduction
  • Futures of python
  • Limitations of python
  • Flavour of python
  • Python version
  • Identifiers
  • Reserved words
  • Data Type
  • Slicing of String
  • Type Casting
  • Fundamental Data Types vs Immutability
  • Constants
  • We are into one of the best Python+Selenium Training Institute Marathahalli , Bangalore


  • Arithmetic Operators | Relational Operators | Equality Operators
  • Logical Operators | Assignment Operators | Conditional Operators
  • Bitwise Operators | Shift Operators | Assignment Operators | Special Operators
  • Operator Precedence | Math Fun. | Command Line Arg | Output Statements

Flow Control

  • Conditional Statements | Iterative Statement | Transfer Statement
  • Loops with else Block | Del Statement

String Data Type

  • What is String | define multi-line String Literals | String Methods
  • Accessing character from the String | Slice Operator and it’s Case Study
  • Comparison of String | Formatting of String
  • Mathematical Operators for String | len() and Membership function
  • Logical Program Related to String Concept

List Data Type

  • Creating List Object and accessing the element from the list using index, Slice Opr.
  • Traversing the Element of List | List VS Mutability | Important Function of List
  • Len(), count(), index(), append(), insert(), extend(), remove(), pop(), reverse(), sort()
  • Mathematical Operators | Comparing List Object | Membership Operators
  • Nested Lists Nested | List as Matrix List Comprehensions

Tuple Data Type

  • Tuple Creation | Accessing Elements of Tuple using Index and Slice Operator
  • Tuple VS Immutability | Mathematical Operators for Tuple | Tuple Functions
  • Len(), count(), index(), sorted(), min() and max(), cmp()
  • Tuple packing and Unpacking | Tuple Comprehension | Diff between List and Tuple

Set Data Type

  • Set Creation | Function of Set : add(), update(), copy(), pop(), remove(), discard()
  • Mathematical Opr: union(), intersection(), difference(), symmetric_difference()
  • Membership Operators and Set Comprehension

Dictionary Data Type

  • Dictionary Creation | Access Data From Dictionary | Update Dictionary |Delete Value
  • Function: dict(), len(), clear(), get(), pop(), popitem(), keys(), values(), items()…etc
  • Dictionary Comprehension


  • Built in Function | User Defined Function | Parameter | Return Statement
  • Return Multiple value | Types of Arguments | Types of Variable | Global Keyword
  • Recursive, Anonymous, Normal, Lambda, filter(), map(), reduce() Functions
  • Function Aliasing | Nested Function


  • Renaming a module | From import | Possibilities of Import |Member Aliasing
  • Reloading a module | dir() function | Special variable __name__
  • Working with Math and random module


Packages Logical Program


  • Class and Object | Self variable | Constructor concept
  • Difference between Method and Constructor
  • Type of Variable: Instance, Static and Local variable
  • Types of Method: Instance, class and Static Method
  • Setter and Getter Methods | Inner class | Garbage Collection | Destructor
  • Inheritance | Method Resolution Order| super() method | Polymorphism
  • Overloading | Overriding | Abstraction | Interface | (Public, Protected, Private)

Exception Handling

  • What is Exception | Default exception | exception Hierarchy | Customized exception
  • Control flow of try-except | finally block | Control flow of try-except-finally block
  • else block with try-except-finally
  • Types of Exception: Predefined and User Defined exception
  • How to define and Raise Customized exception

File Handling

  • Types of File: Text Files and Binary Files
  • How to read and write text and binary file | The with statement
  • Handling the CSV file | How to read and write CSV file
  • Zipping and Unzipping Files
  • Pickling and Unpickling of Object


  • Multi-tasking: Process based and Thread based multi-tasking
  • Ways to creating Thread in python
  • Enumeration(), isAlive(), join() Functions | Daemon Thread
  • Synchronization: Lock, RLock, Semaphore
  • Method of Event class: set(), clear(), isSet(), wait() or wait(seconds)
  • Inter Thread Communication
  • Method of Condition and Queue | Methods of Queues.

Regular Expression

  • Character Classes | Predefined character class | Qunatifiers
  • Methods: match(), fullmatch(), search(), findall(), finditer(), sub(), split()..etc

Decorator Function

  • Decorator Chaining

Generator Functions


  • Debugging python program using assert keyword | Types of assert statements
  • Exception handling VS Assertion

Python Logging

  • How to implement logging


Basic HTML


  • What are locators
  • Types of locators
  • Examples of using Locators
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using locators

Web Element Identification

Introduction to Selenium

  • What is Selenium 3.0
  • Selenium 1 V/s Selenium 2 Vs Selenium 3
  • What is web driver?
  • Why Web Driver?

Selenium IDE

  • Introduction Selenium IDE

Selenium RC

WebDriver and it’s API

  • Introduction of Web Driver | Download & configuring Web driver
  • Architecture of Web driver | Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome
  • Handling different browsers – Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browser
  • Working with WebDriver API

WebElement and its API:

  • Perform action on the web element using WebElement API

Selenium Supported Class:

  • Working with web page elements/Controls
    • Working with Dropdown using Select Class
    • Listbox
    • Radio buttons
    • Multi-select box
    • Date picker
    • Combobox widget
    • Action class for Mouse and Key board Actions
  • Introducing wait – implicit and explicit wait
  • Working with Action Class For Mouse and Key Board Action

Work with multiple HTML windows and Alert window

Work with Multiple Frames

Work with Invisible Popup, Unexpected Popup

Download and Upload the File

Working with static and dynamic Web tables

Working with Proxy API

Handling Java script alerts, confirmations and prompts

Taking screenshots for Failed and Pass Test Cases

Working With JSON

=================PyTest Framework======================

  • Introduction to PyTest framework
  • Installing PyTest
  • PyTest Fixtures
  • Running multiple tests using PyTest
  • Generating Test report


===================== PyUnit Framework======================

  • Introduction to PyUnit framework
  • Installing PyUnit
  • PyUnit Annotations
  • Test case creations/running
  • Assertions/ Reporting Errors
  • Reports in PyUnit


=======================Data Driven Testing============================

  • Reading and writing data from Excel
  • Writing automation scripts to use excel data

======================== Page Object Model (POM)========================

  • What is Page Object Model (POM)
  • Concept of Object Repository
  • Need for POM
  • Page Factory
  • Implementing POM
  • We are into one of the best Python+Selenium Training Institute Marathahalli , Bangalore

Automation Framework Design & Implementation from Scratch to End

Jenkins (Continues integration)


Real Time Project

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    Charlie Brown
    Web Designer
    My name is Ruth. I grew up and studied in…
    Jackson James
    Web Designer
    Praesent varius orci at erat lobortis lacinia. Morbi lectus metus,…